How to Plan the Perfect Easter in Santa Barbara

How to Plan the Perfect Easter in Santa Barbara

As spring approaches, you may be feeling the need to plan your own grown-up version of Spring Break. Smaller crowds, more clothes, and earlier bedtime is more your style and we support you in your quest 100%! As a matter of fact, we think that to truly avoid the crowds that gather during the typical Spring Break getaways, your spring break should be an Easter Break! Taking place on April 21st this year, the wild crowds will be back in school and Santa Barbara will practically be your own personal paradise. Here's a guide to ensure that you fill every moment of your Easter in Santa Barbara getaway with activities that make you happy!

Traveling with the Kiddos?

Easter isn't typically considered a traveling holiday for a variety of reasons, one of which being a younger child's fear of missing out on the Easter Bunny! You can erase those fears with the Elings Park Great Egg Hunt held the day BEFORE Easter. Located at 1298 Las Positas Road, the fun starts at 9:30 AM and is hosted by the Easter Bunny himself as he takes pictures with his fans, hides the eggs, and supervises the music, face painting, bouncy house, and all other pre- Easter in Santa Barbara activities.

First You Feed Your Soul

Another reason many people don't think to travel on Easter is because of a tradition that is very close to their heart: the sunrise service at their home church. But we say you don't have to skip it during your Easter in Santa Barbara visit, just explore the options at any of the churches here in town! Our religious community is a friendly one, always interested in meeting new friends. Just type your spiritual preference in the search engine and choose the one that seems to best fit your needs!

And Then You Feed Your Stomach

We're not going to deny it, one of our favorite parts of this particular holiday is the feast that accompanies the festivities. From deviled eggs for appetizers to all the chocolate bunnies, you can eat, the food served is an integral part of the holiday. And although you could prepare a feast yourself in our fully-equipped Paradise Retreats kitchens, you're on holiday too and deserve a break! Places like ScarlettBegonia, Stella Mares, and Yellow Belly are just a few of the establishments that serve an Easter Santa Barbara brunch; you may have to supply your own chocolate Easter bunny, but we can guarantee their desserts will be a great substitute if you don't!

Serene, Tranquil, and Peaceful Easter in Santa Barbara

Easter is a holiday where we tend to seek peace, tranquility, and serenity, and your Paradise Retreats Easter escape offers all that and so much more! Comfortable, luxurious, warm and welcoming, our homes will be a memorable part of this very special holiday celebration. Reserve your Santa Ynez Valley vacation rental today!