Dog Friendly Activities and Attractions in Santa Barbara

Dog Friendly Activities and Attractions in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is an amazing place to visit for people of all interests, as there is great natural beauty, outdoor recreation, restaurants, night life, and so much more. But it is also perfect for dogs. There is so much to smell and so much space to run, and there is plenty of dog friendly activities and attractions to enjoy simultaneously. Next time you are visiting the city, do not hesitate to bring your furry friend along for the ride.

Explore the City

The beautiful thing about Santa Barbara is the people here know how important dogs are to our families. As such, you will not encounter many establishments that do not allow dogs, although policies, of course, vary. Walking down State Street is a great place to start. You can enjoy the beautiful sights of the city while your dog enjoys the unique smells, and you both can enjoy the gorgeous weather. You can both check out classic stores like Nordstrom or find a small shop that is completely unique to Santa Barbara. When you need a break from the adventuring, you can find countless dog-friendly restaurants and breweries for a delicious meal and/or drink.

Dog-Friendly Activities on the Beach

There are many amazing beaches throughout the area, but the go-to spot for you and your furry friend is Hendry's Beach, just to the west of the more popular beaches along Cliff Drive. You can always expect to find countless fun-loving dogs and their owners frolicking through the sand and the water. Plenty of sand bars, along with the cool waters of the Pacific, make for your dog's favorite daytime activities.

Explore the Urban Wine Trail

The Urban Wine Trail is a route throughout downtown Santa Barbara featuring some of the most renowned wineries and tasting rooms in the city, all within a short walk of one another. Walking the trail provides a day of fun, but entering some of these unique establishments is where the fun really kicks in. Most of the tasting rooms are dog friendly, with the most classic experience awaiting you at Oreana Winery, where dogs are always welcome. Sit on the patio while enjoying delicious tastings, live music, and the amazing weather.

For many of us, our dog is a part of the family. As such, anytime they can be a part of the family vacation, bringing them along will surely provide for a better experience with more memories. If you are looking for the perfect vacation destination for you, your family, and of course, your dog, then look no further than the beautiful city of Santa Barbara.