Check Out the Upcoming Events in Santa Barbara

Check Out the Upcoming Events in Santa Barbara

As winter slowly fades away and spring begins to make its grand entrance, Santa Barbara becomes the go-to vacation destination for people from all over the world. Sunny and warm, the blue skies smiling down on everyone going about their business, it's no wonder visitors love our hometown as much as they do. And even though we already consider it paradise, there are times of the year where paradise gets even sweeter, times when there are even more wonderful events and activities to keep us all busy and happy. And because we want you to have the best time of your lives, we've compiled this guide to some of our favorite Santa Barbara upcoming events for you to check out!

Santa Barbara Upcoming Events - Taste of Farmers Market Vegetarian Food & Wine at Satellite Santa Barbara, February 21st & 22nd

For us, the best part of traveling is tasting the food of the region we are visiting, but often we overdo it, eating way too much rich food that really isn't something our doctor would approve of. When you visit Santa Barbara in February, however, this special event will help you do the right thing for at least one night of your visit! Offering a sampling of the best of the farmers'markets and a taste of wine to wash it all down, this epicurean event only costs $22-not bad for California! If you enjoy trying out different foods, you will definitely enjoy this event the most from all the other Santa Barbara upcoming events.

Santa Barbara Beer Garden, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, March 23rd

We can't tell you how excited we became the first day we realized that beer is actually becoming, for lack of a better word, classy! Every day there are new breweries popping up in the area, and the Santa Barbara Beer Garden, held at our Botanic Gardens, is becoming a popular event! This fundraising activity is for a good cause with the proceeds going towards nature conservation and education efforts. And did we mention there will be beer? Food, music, and beer in a gorgeous outdoor setting during one of the early days of fall; does life get any better than this? It's definitely one of the best Santa Barbara upcoming events!

Santa Barbara Fair & Expo, Earl Warren Showgrounds, April 24th through April 28th

Oh, how we loved the fair as kids. It was a day spent riding rides, eating cotton candy, and playing midway games in between visits to the buildings where they sold a bunch of really cool stuff! And although the Santa Barbara Fair & Expo offers a whole lot of the latter and none of the former, it's still our favorite way to enjoy a spring day in April! Featuring artwork, craft pieces, food, wine, and beer, if you can't find something you love here, you're probably not looking hard enough!

As the Sun Sets on Another Day in Paradise

Your Santa Barbara vacation has been filled with thrills, magical moments, and amazing adventures, and every night it gets better because you chose Paradise Retreats for your vacation home needs! Reserve yours today for a vacation better than you ever dreamed it could be!