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Santa Barbara Activities

The Best Things to do in Santa Barbara to Keep Cool

The grace period is over. Summer has officially arrived all over the world! Planning a vacation during the hot and muggy months of summer can often be an experience you wish could have taken place in the cooler months, but when you plan a Santa Barbara vacation, you’re guaranteed an awesome time, no matter what the temperatures are outside! It doesn’t hurt, however, that summer in Santa Barbara is temperate...

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Events in Santa Barbara

Visit Santa Barbara!

With so many celebrities and such beautiful houses, Santa Barbara has a reputation of glitz—and when it comes to starting the new year in style, the city lives up to that reputation proudly! There’s no shortage of options in Santa Barbara as the calendar flips, so it’s time to start planning your first big outing of the year and visit Santa Barbara! See some of the top reasons you should...

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Santa Barbara Beaches

Santa Barbara Guide to the Best Beaches

Any person who has heard the name ‘Santa Barbara’ knows, or at least can assume, that it is a place of great beauty. This beauty is found in the weather, the city streets, and perhaps most notably, in the beaches. While California is home to seemingly endless beautiful shores, Santa Barbara is a place that stands out has one that has some of the best beaches that this amazing coast...

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5 Santa Barbara Summer Activities to Cool Off With!

As the hot months of summer roll around, thousands of people are making their plans to visit Santa Barbara to seek refuge from the heat. Among beautiful beaches and exciting establishments, you will find countless ways to stay cool this summer. Here are some Santa Barbara summer activities that are sure to keep you comfortable while providing a great time in this amazing city. Visit Santa Claus Beach Because you...

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Santa Barbara Beaches

The Best Beaches in Santa Barbara

Located along the coast of Central California, Santa Barbara is an idyllic community with a plethora of beautiful beaches guaranteed to steal a little piece of your heart. As a matter of fact, our beaches are so magnificent, it’s difficult for we who live here to actually take a vacation anywhere else. Why spend the money on travel and lodging when you can drive in any direction and find a...

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