Best Bakeries in Santa Barbara CA

Best Bakeries in Santa Barbara CA

Santa Barbara is famous for a lot of things: good weather, brilliant sunsets, and a laid-back vibe that makes visitors immediately feel at ease. But did you know that many of our bakeries make our guests' top ten lists of reasons to visit? We love to feed our guests, and like a good grandmother, we also love to treat them with sweets that their mothers would probably veto because they would make them too hyper! If you're planning a visit to our oceanside village at anytime in the near future, we've provided a list of the best bakeries in Santa Barbara to add to your must-visit bucket lists!

Crushcakes & Cafe, 1315 Anacapa Street

Cupcakes have become a big trend in the United States right now, with shops and even vending machines popping up in most towns, and Crushcakes has crushed the trend! Offering an ever-changing selection of cupcake flavors, your stop in paradise will not be complete until you have tasted their Friday Special: a raspberry champagne cupcake that has the capability of changing your life!

Lilac Patisserie, 1017 State Street

Due to certain digestive issues, many visitors are unable to sample the sweet treats offered at bakeries. The need for gluten-free baked goods is rapidly rising, and Lilac Patisserie is up to the challenge! Every single sweet treat on their menu is not just extraordinary in taste, but 100% gluten-free as well! Cakes, cookies, cupcakes, cheesecakes, tarts, pies-we don't know how they do it, but the magical specialties found here make us very happy!

Recipes Bakery, 604 Santa Barbara Street

Some of our best childhood memories involve sitting at the kitchen table, watching our mothers or grandmothers create cakes, cookies, pies and other sweet dishes. Being able to lick the beaters afterwards, and even better, being able to taste their creations while they were still hot from the oven, made our day. Today, we can relive those memories (minus the licking of the beaters!) with a visit to Recipes Bakery, a cozy and intimate cafe and bakery that contains a kitchen that is open to the rest of the restaurant. Making time for a visit is vital to success of your Santa Barbara vacation, as is trying one of their cinnamon rolls!

Paradise Comes in Many Forms

For some, paradise is a sweet treat fresh from the oven, for others it's the comfort and style found in one of our Paradise Retreats luxury escapes. Reserve your stay with us today in one of our Santa Barbara vacation rentals or Santa Ynez Valley rentals, and discover the best bakeries in Santa Barbara!