Amenities You’ll Love in Our Vacation Rentals in Santa Barbara

Amenities You’ll Love in Our Vacation Rentals in Santa Barbara California

There are so many options to choose from in our rental catalog, and you might be wondering what makes them each so special. It's not just the unique architecture or the lasting comfort or the lovingly designed interiors. Our vacation rentals in Santa Barbara California are all decked out with all the amenities, too, which means that it will really feel like your home while you're in town!

Beach Access

When you come to Santa Barbara, you'll want the best view in town. Choose a seaside rental home for quick beach access and a fantastic view of the sea, right from the windows of your own home, or your outdoor deck or patio, like our wonderful Seacliff Beach House. You'll be endlessly grateful to be able to throw on your swimsuit and run straight out to the sand and the sea and jump right in. This is the best part of living in a seaside town, and you deserve to experience it!

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Daily Necessities

These are prime rentals for anyone and any length of stay, whether you're coming for two days or two months. Enjoy a gourmet kitchen, fully stocked with everything from modern stainless steel appliances to spices in the cabinets ready for whatever dish you'd like to cook up. You'll find Wi-Fi and cable too of course, along with everything else you might need from day to day, like microwaves, washers and dryers, and air conditioning. We even have the fun necessities too, like beach umbrellas!

Plus, Some Special Bonuses!

We don't stop at the basics here. Our main objective is to go above and beyond, so you'll find that our rentals make you feel like a king! You'll find whatever you're looking for in our rentals, whether that be puzzles in the game closet to stave off boredom late in the night, or private chefs to hit your fancy during the day. Enjoy your close proximity to all the best parts of Santa Barbara. From our prime locations, you'll be nearby all the best activities, like yoga, farmer's markets, windsurfing, whale watching, museums, wine tasting… The list goes on forever!

Come See for Yourself! Vacation Rentals in Santa Barbara California

Head over to our handy catalog of Paradise Retreats rental homes, where you can scroll through the homes until you find the home that's most suited to you. You'll be able to check for all your favorite amenities, along with location, size, decor, and more. Contact us today at 1-805-275-1851 and we can help you out!

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