5 Best Healthy Santa Barbara California Restaurants

5 Best Healthy Santa Barbara California Restaurants

As veterans of many annual vacations over the years, we all tend to expect that we will return home with some unwanted baggage, most of which will show in our waistlines! A week or more of fast food, rich food, and extra desserts will show in the tightness of our clothing, and upon returning, we resign ourselves to a few more weeks of dieting and deprivation. But what if this vacation could be different? Californians are passionate about healthy living, and when you eat at these five healthy Santa Barbara California restaurants, you can reverse a trend that has been in effect for years!

Natural Cafe, 508 State Street

Healthy doesn't have to mean tasteless, and the Natural Cafe, with its selection of smoothies, salads, and sandwiches, is the perfect example. Offering fresh, local, and organic foods, including a large vegan menu, this casual eatery is both charming and reasonably priced.

Green Table, 113 West De La Guerra Street

We all know how difficult it can be to get the allotted number of fruits and veggies in our diets even in the best of times, but during vacation it's nearly impossible. Green Table is determined to change that, offering a large selection of juices and smoothies that are both good for you and good tasting! And because their vegan and vegetarian menu is chock-full of delicious treats, your entire family won't even care that what they are eating is healthy!

Mesa Verde Restaurant, 1919 Cliff Drive

The internationally flavored menu found at this Santa Barbara California Restaurant is surprising on many levels. Serving food that is pretty, tasty, and lacking in preservatives and fat typically found in many of their classic meals, we can promise you won't miss the unhealthy when eating at this chic spot. Strictly vegetarian, the mushroom lasagna is our favorite entree, but feel free to explore all of the dishes on their innovative and distinctive menu.

The Honey B, 602 Anacapa Street

Featuring a plant-based menu that is as scrumptious as it is healthy, the Honey B makes vegan life fun! Start your vacation explorations out right with breakfast at this lively spot. Their Green Eggz & Yams will bring a smile to your face and a satisfied fullness to your tummy!

Los Agaves Restaurant, 600 North Milpas Street

No, you're not reading this wrong; we HAVE included a Mexican restaurant on our list of healthy places! We understand that not every member of your traveling party may not be wanting to make the same good choices as you, and Los Agaves offers a menu that will please EVERY member of your group. And the best news of all? Even their healthiest options taste as good, if not better, than their most fat-laden dishes!

Santa Barbara California Restaurants Can Be Healthy, Too!

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