Vacation Rentals in Santa Barbara vs. Hotels

Vacation Rentals in Santa Barbara vs. Hotels

When you are deciding where you will stay for your next Santa Barbara vacation, two of your primary options will be the hotels and vacation rentals in Santa Barbara. While they are both perfectly nice places to spend a vacation, they will take care of your needs in different ways. These two options offer very slight differences that will be more and less significant to different people. Here is some information that should make the decision an easy one for you.

Hotel Living

One of the main advantages of staying in a Santa Barbara hotel is that you will know what to expect because it offers a standard experience. You will always be able to find accommodations easily, unless it is a crazy time of the year for tourism, so there is safety there as well. While you can find rooms of different sizes, it is likely that you will need two rooms for larger groups.

As you can expect to enjoy a certain standard experience, you can count on the consistency of the quality of the rooms as well as services like housekeeping. You can hang your hat on the fact that the room will be clean, but there is no guarantee that the room will have any charm or special qualities. You can also expect a certain level of amenities depending on a particular hotel. You can find (but should not expect) fitness centers, saunas, a restaurant, bar, and maybe even a concierge.

Unique Rentals

Another appealing option is the Santa Barbara house rental. Many of the incredible homes and vacation rentals in Santa Barbara that you will find are owned by people who only live there a few weeks a year. The rest of the time they are available to people like you looking to have an amazing vacation here. Because of this, these Santa Barbara rentals have special life to them; they are an actual home, after all. The unique atmosphere that each home provides is a stark contrast to that of a hotel. You can also avoid renting multiple rooms because these homes come in all shapes and sizes. Santa Barbara house rentals offer much more space than hotel rooms can provide.

The only drawback of these amazing Santa Barbara rentals is that there are little no services offered with them, from housekeeping to room service. This can also be viewed as a positive, though, as you have the freedom to prepare your own meals in a full kitchen and spend time in an area as if you actually live there for a short time.

The Choice Is Yours

The stakes are not particularly high in this decision simply because there is no wrong choice. However, there might be a choice that is more suited for you and your group. Contact Paradise Retreats for even more information about our incredible options available and start planning your Santa Barbara getaway. Book a beautiful vacation rental in Santa Barbara today!