Ventura Botanical Gardens

Ventura Botanical Gardens

When visiting a beachside city in Southern California, such as Ventura, you know that the ocean views will be wonderful, the weather will be nearly perfect, and there will be an abundance of shops and restaurants to peruse. However, the city of Ventura has recently added another attraction that takes them above and beyond the other cities in the area. The Ventura Botanical Gardens is a recent addition to the city, but it is already becoming one of the best places to visit!

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About the Gardens

The Ventura Botanical Gardens began as a passion project of a group of local Ventura residents. Their vision of bringing to Ventura a world-class botanical garden first came to life in 2005. The Gardens are truly about preserving and showcasing local flora and fauna, educating the public, and creating a cultural centerpiece for the city. In October 2012, their vision finally came to life when the first trail of the Ventura Botanical Gardens, the Demonstration Trail, opened to the public. Eventually, the gardens plan on having trails that represent each of our planet's five Mediterranean climates. Currently, they have begun to plant the Chilean Garden, the South African Garden, and the Native Californian Area. Once completed, the Chilean Garden plans to be the largest collection of Chilean plants outside of Chile!


Amenities and Activities

These botanical gardens in Ventura are located in Grant Park, which is set in the foothills above Ventura City Hall. This location was chosen specifically chosen for the breathtaking views of mountains, ocean, and greenery that surrounds the city. Park at City Hall and follow the trailhead through the Gardens. The path is six-foot wide and is made of a composite, granite surface that makes it easy to walk on but is also eco-friendly. The trail is also wheelchair accessible up to the first viewing point. In the few short years since its inception, the Demonstration Trail has become a popular hiking spot for locals! Guided tours are also available about once a month, with scheduled group tours being available upon request. Best of all, admission is free! However, the Ventura Botanical Garden does recommend a $10 donation to help them continue to grow.

Hike and Learn

The Ventura Botanical Gardens offer a unique opportunity to experience a new attraction in the city at practically its inception! Enjoy the stunning hiking trail, while also learning about the future of the Gardens and the local plant life in their collection. You won't want to miss your chance to visit the Ventura Botanical Gardens!

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