Ty Warner Sea Center

Ty Warner Sea Center

Santa Barbara is home to an endless array of fun, excitement, and education. While the first two are well known, the educational opportunities throughout the city often go unacknowledged. The Ty Warner Sea Center is one of those places that offers unsurpassed educational opportunities in a fun environment. After a visit to this amazing place, you are sure to have a renewed passion for the natural world.

What Is There to See?

The Sea Center is located atop a wharf that jets out into the Pacific Ocean. There are endless beautiful views here that let you enjoy of the incredible natural surroundings of Santa Barbara. Within the Sea Center, there are countless exhibits that will inspire you to care for this amazing planet. One of the mainstays of the center is the live shark touch pool, where you can see these awesome creatures closer than ever before.

As the center is in such a beautiful location, you also have the opportunity to rent it out for any special event that you might be planning. This authentic locale makes for unforgettable events. You can also join the marine debris prevention team to have a lasting impact on the health of our oceans. The opportunities are truly endless at the Ty Warner Sea Center.

Get Involved

As many of the exhibits at the sea center are interactive, all you need to do to get involved is to enjoy them. But the center offers all visitors the unique opportunity to be an oceanographer for the day! You can do this by taking ocean samples and testing them as well as viewing sea life in an up close and personal fashion.

Volunteering is another great way to get involved, by learning while helping others learn as well. You can volunteer in many capacities, from helping maintain the health of sea life at the center to leading nature adventures and even helping with office administration. There are endless opportunities to learn and to have fun at the Ty Warner Sea Center.

The Ty Warner Sea Center is located right on the historic Sterns Wharf, so it is easy to make a day out of heading to the wharf and enjoying the center. You can enjoy all of the amazing things within the Sea Center for only $8 for adults and less for children, students and seniors. After your Sea Center experience, you are sure to never see the natural world quite the same ever again! And while you are here, why not stay in one of Paradise Retreats' stunning beach houses in Santa Barbara? Contact us to book today!