The Waterfront in Santa Barbara

The Waterfront in Santa Barbara

There is so much to love about Santa Barbara, between the beautiful landscapes, charming city streets, and great weather. But the waterfront is the main thing that keeps people coming back to this incredible area. From amazing harbors and piers to unbeatable sandy beaches, the waterfront in Santa Barbara has a little bit of everything for everyone. These are some of the things to love about the waterfront.

Things to See

The waterfront of Santa Barbara consists of miles and miles of pristine coastline. From here, you can enjoy amazing views of the endless expanse of the Pacific Ocean and the mountains behind you. The incredible surroundings allow a day spent doing nothing on the beach to be time well spent.

Stearns Wharf is one of the most renowned places to visit on the waterfront of Santa Barbara. It has been a fixture of the community for over a century. Here, you can check out the Ty Warner Sea Center, or just spend a relaxing day enjoying that unbeatable breeze off the ocean. Along the beach, you can enjoy the unique culture of Santa Barbara through drum circles, art showcases, and much more. There is not a dull moment on the waterfront of Santa Barbara.

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Things to Do

You will find endless stretches of beaches that provide a wide variety of opportunities. You can find beaches that cater to the surfers out there, offering some of the most beautiful forming waves on the entire California coast. You will also find sections of beach with calm waters for the casual beach-goers.

There are also countless services that allow you to enjoy the waterfront as you could not before. There are many opportunities for whale watching tours, kayaking excursions, deep sea fishing adventures, and so much more. In between your adventures, there is no trouble in finding a place to get a delicious meal while enjoying an amazing view of this incredible waterfront.

You are sure to spend a majority of your time somewhere along the waterfront. This is because the area is unparalleled in both its beauty and the opportunities for leisure that it provides. If you are lucky enough to find a place to stay right on this waterfront, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience on your next Santa Barbara vacation. Paradise Retreats is there for people of all budgets and tastes to help find the most exquisite waterfront properties throughout all of Santa Barbara.

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