The Santa Barbara Bowl Amphitheater

The Santa Barbara Bowl Amphitheater

We aren't talking about an oversized soup bowl, nor are we talking about a college football event, we're talking about the single-handled best place to see concerts in Santa Barbara! The Santa Barbara Bowl is one of our older amphitheaters, first built in 1936. With renovations from 2000 to 2014, this musical venue has the best of both worlds: A combination history and state of the art electronics that guarantee the music performed here will be of the highest sound quality!


This Santa Barbara amphitheater was originally constructed to hold the Fiesta Pageant, a celebration of Old Spanish Days that we still experience today. Featuring-in the words of a brochure from that first celebration- "dashing caballeros, beauteous senoritas, spirited horses and lilting music," The Santa Barbara Bowl was THE place to party! With a revolving stage and areas designed to hold the magnificent Palomino, Camarillo, and Arabian horses that are a staple part of the Old Spanish Days celebrations, the Bowl was ahead of its time. And today, after a 14-year extensive renovation, The Santa Barbara Bowl is ahead of its time once more!

A Few of the Santa Barbara Bowl's Concerts

This concert venue features some of the best national music groups around. Norah Jones is the headliner tomorrow, but the line-up changes frequently. Blondie, Blink 182, Van Morrison, Journey, Dolly Parton, even the comedy stylings of Amy Schumer have graced this historic venue, making us super excited to learn which amazing group will play here next! Voted Santa Barbara's best place to hear live music in 2016, this Santa Barbara amphitheater promises to continue to be a staple in our performing arts community for years to come!

Sponsoring Pianos on State, a musical cooperative involving pianos painted by local artists and played by musicians both young and old, The Santa Barbara Bowl is deeply involved in musical education as well. The pianos used in this worthy exhibition become art pieces as beautiful as a painting in a gallery, and the music played can be hauntingly beautiful, cheerful, and upbeat. It's a show designed to please the ears while awing the senses.

Paradise Retreats

Located at 1122 N. Milpas Street in Santa Barbara, this fun concert venue can be the perfect way to end a night on the town while you are vacationing. Book your luxury Paradise Retreats vacation home today and then check out The Santa Barbara Bowl to see who is playing while you are in town. We can't think of two better choices for your unforgettable California vacation!

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