The Sacred Space Summerland, CA Shopping

The Sacred Space Summerland, CA Shopping

A trip to a local souvenir shop is a staple of any successful vacation. Who wouldn't want a little reminder of their getaway to take home with them? However, an unexpected gem is tucked away in Summerland, California that truly takes the gift shop \to the next level. The Sacred Space is more than just a place to pick up a trinket from your trip to the California coast, it is a spiritual experience.

The Sacred Space

Walking through The Sacred Space is not just a jaunt to a local gift shop. It feels more like a journey to a different time and place altogether. The Sacred Space has both indoor and outdoor showrooms, as well as winding gardens, ponds, and statues that are carefully chosen to provide an East meet West feel. Wander amount Buddha sculptures while you sip tea and browse the merchandise that has been carefully curated to speak to the soul. The Sacred Space, at times, feels more like a spiritual retreat or a day spa than retail space, and that is what has attracted so many people to it.

Treasures from Heaven Available on Earth

Rose and Jack Herschorn, the founders and owners of The Sacred Space in Summerland, have devoted decades of their lives to the mission of their store, offering a respite from our busy world and creating a space of tranquility and peace. The tagline of their passion project is "treasures from heaven available on Earth" and the Herschorns put that philosophy into every aspect of the store. They frequently travel the world, most often to Asian countries such as Thailand, Nepal, India, Tibet, and China to find a variety of goods that have meaning and provide spiritual value. They take these items back to The Sacred Space near Santa Barbara. This spiritual message has attracted a high-end clientele to the store, such as Oprah Winfrey, Maria Shriver, Jeff Bridges, Kate Somerville, and others. However, this is not an elitist place. Everyone is welcome here, and the unity that connects all people is celebrated at The Sacred Space.

Spiritual Destination

A journey to The Sacred Space in Summerland, CA should not be treated like just another shopping trip. It is truly an experience that is meant to be savored and reflected upon. For those seeking a meaningful adventure while in Southern California, be sure to make time to visit The Sacred Space during your next vacation. Click here to browse our Summerland vacation rentals!