The Historic La Arcada Courtyard

The Historic La Arcada Courtyard

Santa Barbara is an awesome destination for people of all budgets and interests. One of those interests that is always adequately satisfied with a trip to Santa Barbara is shopping. You will find countless venues in order to satisfy your shopping preferences. On such shopping district is the historic La Arcada Courtyard. This shopping area is the one that is constantly considered the most reflective of the culture in the city. Even if you aren't planning on buying anything, exploring La Arcada is a uniquely Santa Barbara experience.

The History of La Arcada

The La Arcada Courtyard draws a lot of inspiration from other historical landmarks from all over the world. The courtyard was constructed under the supervision of a famous and wildly talented architect named Myron Hunt. It was completed in 1926, giving the people of Santa Barbara another amazing place to be proud of. The streets are full of art pieces that are inspired from classics, like a historic clock in Chicago, statues of prominent figures, and much more. Many of the establishments throughout the courtyard have been there since the district's opening in 1926, so they carry a special energy that you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

La Arcada Today

This Santa Barbara attraction offers a quaint and charming area for shopping, providing an excellent place of refuge from those large shopping malls. Anything from clothes and shoes to jewelry and home decor can be found throughout La Arcada, and it is all unique! The courtyard has made a name for itself due to the boundless shopping opportunities that it boasts, but there is so much more to enjoy throughout this historical venue.

There are numerous galleries that celebrate the history and culture of Santa Barbara. You can enjoy amazing paintings and works of art along with historical artifacts. And in between your adventures through the shops and galleries, you can settle down for a delicious meal at any number of amazing restaurants. Simply walking through the courtyard is a treat in and of itself, as tiled walkways, sculptures, fountains, and sidewalk cafes make it an aesthetic masterpiece thriving with unique energy.

Shopping does not have to be your favorite thing for you to enjoy the historic La Arcada Courtyard, but if shopping is your thing, you are sure to love this amazing place. Make sure you take a stroll through these charming streets at some point on your next vacation to Santa Barbara.