The Granada Theater

The Granada Theater

Santa Barbara is known for its beautiful beaches and unbeatable weather, but it often does not get enough recognition for amazing culture that thrives here. This culture manifests itself in the Granada Theater, the most iconic and historic center for performances in the whole city. This is what you need to know about The Granada Theater.

About the Theater

In 1946, the Granada Theater was completed, giving artistic expression in Santa Barbara a beautiful place to call home. After decades, the theater fell from its former glory and was in need of a large-scale renovation. The Santa Barbara Center for Performing Arts began that renovation in the early 2000s, completing it in 2008. Since then, you would be hard pressed to find a better place for a show of any kind, as today it is one of the premiere theaters in the country. Throughout the theater, you will find cozy seating for 1,550 patrons, state of the art lighting, massive improvements to the room's acoustics, and beautiful Spanish decorative elements. All of these wonderful aspects of the theater make it the most ideal place imaginable for shows of all types.

Events at the Theater

This is the place to see a show of any kind. Lucky for you, there are shows just about every single night at the Granada. As this is one of the best places to have a show in the country, the theater attracts some of the best shows that you will find anywhere. These shows range from plays to concerts and musicals.

You can consistently enjoy performances from Opera Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Symphony, and the State Street Ballet among others. Big Bad Voodoo Lady is a popular musical performance that the theater is glad to have back, along with Chris Botti. It is also home to a film series that takes place once a week, showing a variety of films from classics to critically acclaimed new movies.

There is a little something for everyone throughout the year in the film series. It is also home to different lecture series throughout year that cover a range of topics from art to theater and even science. Check the Grenada Theater schedule to find the performance that will resonate with you.

Here, you will find amazing shows in an incredibly beautiful environment. Make sure you catch a show at the Granada Theater, or at least stop by to enjoy its brilliance the next time you vacation to Santa Barbara.

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