Summerland Antique Collective – The Best of Santa Barbara Antiques

Summerland Antique Collective – The Best of Santa Barbara Antiques

In addition to being a fabulous vacation destination for sun, surf, restaurants, and more, California is also a shopper's paradise. Its variety of shopping opportunities, ranging from large departments stores to small, locally owned boutiques, mean that you can find practically anything you are looking for when you shop in California! For over 25 years, the Summerland Antique Collective has added to this rich reputation of California shopping by offering a high quality and wide variety of antique goods in the beautiful beachside town of Summerland. If you're looking for antiques near Santa Barbara, you simply have to stop in on your next vacation!

Summerland Antique Collective

With decades of expertise in antique dealing, the Summerland Antique Collective is one of the premier antique shops on the West coast. They work with over 30 different antique dealers, each with their own specialty and preferences, that create a diverse and exciting inventory that is ever changing. Shop fine furniture that ranges from delicate and opulent European pieces to practical Art Deco styles that will fit in with a modern home decor. Their collection of silver and crystal pieces are perfect for an avid collector or someone shopping for the perfect gift. Paintings, garden pieces, and china are also among the assortment of items you will find. Their diverse collection of goods are from America, Europe, and Asia and encompass time periods from ancient to 20th century.

Dealer and Staff

The staff at Summerland Antique Collective is known for their friendly and knowledgeable demeanor. Whether you are a casual Santa Barbara antiques shopper or an antique enthusiast looking for the next perfect piece to add to your collection, they will be happy to give you background on the pieces they carry and help you make an informed purchase. In addition to selling antique goods, the Summerland Antique Collective will also purchase antiques. If you are looking to sell items from your collection, bring in or email photos, and they will set you up with one of their dealers that is most informed to help you.

Afternoon of Summerland Antiques

The Summerland Antique Collective is a delight for both the casual shopper and the avid collector of antique goods. The large inventory, diverse selection, and range of price points, means that everyone will find something here! Enjoy spending time shopping for your next hidden treasure at the Summerland Antique Collective by booking our beautiful Summerland vacation rentals today!