Shoreline Park

Shoreline Park

While you visit Santa Barbara, be sure to check out some of the city's well-known parks for lots of outdoor activity opportunities. One of the more favorable parks in Santa Barbara is Shoreline Park. This scenic ocean-side park has lots of amazing views from pretty much any angle and stop along the way. Some of the views include those of the nearby mountains, of the harbor beyond, and of the islands.


Santa Barbara's Shoreline Park offers lots of things to do for the whole family. There are a ton of picnic facilities are scattered about and those who can't find a designated picnic spot can always find a green patch of grass to sit on with a blanket or towel. A small playground is perfect for the younger kids to enjoy and there are large, open spaces that are great for playing Frisbee, tossing a ball, flying a kite or just laying out to relax in the sunshine.

A long set of narrow wooden stairs will lead to the beach below where you can find secret tidal pools (when the tide is low) that are more secluded and offer a glimpse at the sea creatures that call the nearby beach home. Dogs can be let off of their leashes in this area, so they can exercise all along the eastern edge and around the Arroyo Burro Estuary. Dogs are allowed in the greater Shoreline Park as well, but must be leashed in the main portion of the park.

One of the most exciting things about Santa Barbara's Shoreline Park is the possibility of seeing dolphins skimming the surface of the waves. A set of binoculars will come in handy if you want to spend some time dolphin watching and you may even get extra lucky and catch a glimpse of a whale!

Visiting Shoreline Park

To get to Shoreline Park from the 101, take the Garden exit heading away from the mountains. Garden will come to a dead end on Cabrillo Boulevard. Turn right and then follow the road for a mile, continuing past the harbor up to the top of the hill where you will see the park on your left hand side. There are parking lots scattered throughout the park.Parking at the park is free.

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