Santa Claus Beach

Santa Claus Beach

It's no secret here in the Paradise Retreatshome office that we love Christmas. You won't find us complaining about Christmas music playing before Halloween or decorations put up before Thanksgiving; we could live Christmas 24/7/365.

As a matter of fact, the only other thing we love as much as Christmas is the beach! And wouldn't it be wonderful if somehow, we could combine our two loves and celebrate Christmas year-round at the beach? Well, it's not as farfetched as it sounds, believe it or not. Santa Claus Beach exists in Santa Barbara! And while it's not really a beach that celebrates Christmas, it is still a fabulous place to hang out-no matter what time of year it is!

The History

Ok, so Santa Claus Beach ;is just a nickname derived from being located at the end of Santa Claus Lane. The real name is Padaro Beach, which quite frankly, doesn't have the same panache, if you ask us! Santa Claus Lane, so named for the jolly old elf who made his home atop a date shop starting in the 50s, surrounded by other Christmas spirit establishments (Frosty the Snowman lived on the roof near Santa, as did Toyland and Santa's kitchen). Unfortunately, today, most of Santa's friends deteriorated and no longer exist, but we have heard that Santa Claus has a new home in Oxnard.

Santa Claus (Padaro) Beach

Today, Padaro Beach has Santa Barbara's clearest waters and is known as a wonderful place to spend the day surfing, sunbathing, or just walking along the beach. Early morning fog can give this spot a mystical feel, and the when the sun breaks through the clouds, you feel possibilities again. The homes that are situated along this stretch of beach are charming and elegant.

The rocky borders are fun to climb along (just be careful not to hurt yourself), and the ever-present California mountains stand guard in the background, adding a rugged beauty not found on other beaches. There are no amenities on the beach itself, but the Padaro Beach Grill on Santa Claus Lane is the perfect place to stop for a burger, fish tacos, and icy cold lemonade to sip on the patio overlooking the beach.   


Paradise Retreats

Santa Claus Beach holds a special spot in our hearts. Book your luxury Paradise Retreats& vacation home right on the beach today and discover the charms of this special beach. And remember-to paraphrase one of our favorite Christmas movies-there really is a Santa Claus...Beach, and in Santa Barbara!