Santa Barbara’s Lake Cachuma

Santa Barbara’s Lake Cachuma

Santa Barbara is the place to be if you are an outdoor enthusiast. Beautiful beaches, access to the ocean, wonderful mountains, and rolling hills are just a few of the natural features that make this place so special. But many people do not realize that the area is home to the amazing Lake Cachuma. Because the Pacific Ocean is so close, Lake Cachuma, CA does not always get the attention that it deserves for being a magnificent lake.

About the Lake

You can find Lake Cachuma a few miles to the north of the center of the city along the 154. The lake provides a nice change of pace from being near the ocean and the hustle and bustle of the city. Here, you can enjoy a great feeling of seclusion while still enjoying the beautiful Santa Barbara weather. It is set in a heavily wooded area, providing an incredible feeling of breathing in the fresh air. The reservation area takes up over 9,000 acres, while the lake itself boasts an impressive surface area of 3,100 acres. You will find ample space to stretch out and relax in a beautiful setting at Lake Cachuma, CA!

What Should You Do at the Lake?

As it is very close to the center of the city, this is the perfect place to take a day trip! You might be thinking, "why would anyone take a day trip to a lake when the city is right on the ocean?" This is a fair question, but there is a good answer. The lake affords opportunities that ocean simply does not.

As it is set in a wildly different area, you can sit back and relax in completely different surroundings. The calm waters of the lake are a nice change of pace from the ocean; they allow for a relaxing swim or kayaking excursion. The lake is also famous for its amazing fishing opportunities. Lake Cachuma is sure to provide a rewarding fishing trip, especially in the wintertime. Overall, it simply provides an amazing place to relax in a wonderfully majestic setting.

There is so much to do and see in Santa Barbara that it can be very difficult to narrow your itinerary down to a manageable size, but a visit to Santa Barbara's Lake Cachuma should definitely be on the short list of things to do while in Santa Barbara. Make sure you check out what all the fuss is about during your next visit to the area! And if you need accommodations, make sure to check our available specials on vacation rentals, or our fantastic beach house rentals!!

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