Santa Barbara’s Inspiration Point

Santa Barbara’s Inspiration Point

Santa Barbara's Inspiration Point is the goal to be attained at the end of a beautiful hike on a busy trail. The view from the top of the small peak you climb is awe-inspiring and worth the effort!

Beginning at Tunnel Trail

The hike to the point and back is approximately three and a half miles, with the first half leading uphill. Those attempting the Inspiration Point hike in Santa Barbara can expect an easy gain in altitude. You only climb around 800 feet, so the hike is considered a moderate one. Beginning hikers should be able to reach Inspiration Point with a little exertion, but this is definitely not one of those hikes that you end up wishing you were dead at the end of it! Getting to Tunnel Trail from Santa Barbara is also relatively easy; Take Santa Barbara Mission Boulevard towards the mountains, turn right on Foothill Rd, then left on Mission Canyon Road. You will come to a fork in the road and you will want to stay to the left. This becomes Tunnel Road, and when you drive to the end, you will find the Tunnel Road Parking Area.

Views from the Top

Your hike commences on a busy trail; watch for other hikers and bikers along the trail. As you stroll to the top of ;Santa Barbara's Inspiration Point, you will cross over a creek and get to enjoy a wide variety of local flora and fauna, but it's the views from the top that will have you losing your breath. Everywhere you turn, there is something new and amazing that catches your eyes. Look in one direction and see our charming village spread out before you. Santa Barbara is just as beautiful viewed from afar as it is when you are in the thick of it! Turn another way and the Majestic Santa Ynez Mountains will awe you, while Cathedral Peak looms directly over you. The Pacific Ocean, the Channel Islands, someone knew what they were doing when they created this inspirational spot! This is the perfect time to settle in for a minute and maybe even steal a quick kiss from your partner; it IS Inspiration Point, after all!

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