Santa Barbara Trolley Tours

Santa Barbara Trolley Tours

What is your preferred way of combing through the streets? The city of Santa Barbara has designed an adventurous technique for you to move around using special trolleys. These mechanized trolleys can carry up to 32 vacationers, allowing you to move around the city as a huge team. Here's all you need to know about Santa Barbara trolley tours.

Enjoy a 90-Minute Santa Barbara Trolley Ride

City tours don't have to be basic and ordinary. It is this boredom that the city's Santa Barbara trolley tours have come to beat, offering a whopping 90 minutes of narrated adventure. Instead of blindly hopping from one end of the city to the next, you are treated to close to two hours of narration as you travel. It is a journey to the city's select hot spots that will leave you yearning for more. This adventure involves 14 attractions in the city revolving around conservation, entertainment, dining, and shopping. By the end of the ride, you will leave the city a more informed person. The highlight of these rides is the art exhibitions that await you in the museums. It is the best chance for you to learn a thing or two about the city's heritage.

Perfect for Your Destination Wedding

Your wedding day is such a special celebration that you need to document to the last detail. There is a lot of planning that goes into making your wedding celebration successful. Santa Barbara Trolleys are here to simplify some of these issues. Instead of paying extorted rates for your engagement party, renting a trolley would be a noble idea. This way, you have a simple party on the wheels. For such celebrations, you will need chartered trolleys, which allow you to customize your experience. You may as well bring a bottle of wine to celebrate this special day with your friends. These trolleys are also fitted with a unique sound system allowing you to dance your way out of the city. A Santa barbara trolley ride is the perfect setting for wedding photography with the iconic trolleys in the backdrop.

Vacation in the Luxury You Deserve

Flying out for a holiday in Santa Barbara means you are ready to take part in activities that allow you to unwind and unplug from your daily life. Getting the most out of your holiday outings calls for a comfortable place to call home. Reach out to us today to book a place to stay!