Santa Barbara County Courthouse

Santa Barbara County Courthouse

The Santa Barbara County Courthouse has been a fixture of the community since its completion in 1929. This Spanish Colonial Revival style building is still in use, but today it serves as more of a token of the amazing history of this city. People come from all over to enjoy this historic and beautiful place. Here are a few reasons why the courthouse has captivated all who have explored it throughout the years.

About the Courthouse

The courthouse is made up of four massive structures encompassing over 150,000 square feet. It has been described as one of the most beautiful and well-done Spanish Colonial Revival projects. You can find these incredible structures in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara. Its clay tiled roof, stucco walls, and massive windows make it an authentic and beautiful piece of history that everyone is sure to enjoy.

One of the wings of the buildings was once a jail that housed Santa Barbara prisoners for decades. Today, it is simply an amazing piece of history that is available for the enjoyment of visitors. These massive structures house countless other pieces of history that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for those that came before us.

How to Enjoy the Courthouse

Exploring the courthouse and its charming surroundings is a great way to appreciate the beauty and the history of the building and the city in general. But taking one of the public tours is far and away the best way to take it all in. Docent tours are available every day, free of charge. These tours offer a lens through which you can view history as never before! Make sure you visit the Bisno Schall Clock Gallery that outlines the history of time keeping with an incredible range of clocks from the simplest to the most ornate pieces in history. After a day spent delving into the history of this incredible building, you can enjoy the countless eating, drinking and shopping opportunities that surround it.

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It is likely that is not your first instinct to check out a courthouse on your next vacation, but the Santa Barbara County Courthouse is a gem in this community that captivates thousands every year. It is a great way to add another exciting and unique dimension to any Santa Barbara vacation. Make sure you check out the courthouse during your downtown adventures on your next Santa Barbara vacation. Check out our monthly vacation rentals in Santa Barbara, CA, for an extended vacation and enough time to see the best of Santa Barbara!

Photo By Konrad Summers from Santa Clarita (Valencia) , California, USA- Santa Barbara - West Wing, CC BY-SA 2.0,