Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

This will be the 96th year that the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden will wow locals and visitors alike with its spectacular plants. The 78-acre botanic garden was inspired in 1926 by the beautiful plants that are found around Santa Barbara naturally. It has been an incredible way to appreciate the nature of the area all in one place since its original inception.

A Look Into Santa Barbara's Botanical Gardens

These Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens feature over five miles of trails that weave you through beautiful garden arrangements that are inspired by native plants in their natural settings. Throughout your journey winding through the garden, you will encounter over 1,000 species of both indigenous and rare plants from all over the world.

One of the most recent exhibits that has been catching the eye of visitors is the Wooded Dell Display along the Campbell Trail. This area focuses on landscapes that are prone to periodic wildfires. It consists of a multitude of species, much of them including colorful shrubs that fill the hillsides.

Throughout this Santa Barbara Botanical Garden, you will find multiple landmarks that will leave you with a sense of wonder about the history of the area as well as the landscape. One of the most notable of the landmarks is the Mission Dam and Aqueduct that was constructed over 200 years ago by Native Americans under the direction of the Spanish.

Classes and Events

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden also does a great deal to conserve and preserve the beauty of natural landscape, both inside the garden and outside of it. A large aspect of this effort lies with the education that they provide to visitors. Visit SB Botanical Gardens for a calendar of events and classes throughout the year!

Recently, the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden had a very successful fundraiser in which it raised just under 15 million dollars, which will go to expanding the gardens as well as conservation and education efforts. This incredible fundraising success speaks to how important the mission of this group is to people that have been touched by their efforts. You can't find so much beauty in such a small space anywhere else than at The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden.

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