Sanguis Wine

Sanguis Wine

Certain websites have a distinct edge to them. They make you think or even leave you spaced out. Now, you might expect that from an art website or a soulful blog, but not a website that sells wine. Yet that's the first impression you get when you visit Sanguis Wine's. There are quotes from Steve McQueen and the book of the Samurai among others. There's even a scrapbook that offers pieces of wisdom from all corners of the globe, which is all good and dandy if you're browsing the website while sipping some of their fine wine-the two go well together. But if you haven't had the pleasure of tasting their wine, then a visit to their winery will remedy that and introduce you to their fine products.


Winemaking is an art in and of itself. It takes more than squeezing grapes and storing the juice in barrels at a certain temperature to make fine wine. The people at Sanguis Wine understand that perfectly, and being so artistically inclined, their wine reflects this astounding combination of art and expertise. Their wines include Bossman, Misfit, Verve, Pilgrim, and Loners, among others. The titles give you an idea of the wine inside the bottle. Every bottle is a journey into the unknown.

Private Tasting at Sanguis Wine

Visiting the winery gives you the opportunity to not only meet the people behind these amazing wines but also get up close and personal with their latest products. You also get a free tour of the winery and taste five of their best wines. You can select the five products from a list. When you choose current selections, you get your tasting free. Sanguis Wine is located at 8 Ashley Ave, Santa Barbara, CA 93103. Make reservations by phone at (805) 845-0920.

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