Reagan Ranch Center

Reagan Ranch Center

Lovingly dubbed "The Schoolhouse of Reaganism," the Reagan Ranch Center is a celebration of the life of Ronald Reagan and all he stood for. You will find the Center in the middle of the excitement in Santa Barbara, set in the heart of Left Coast on the busiest street in the city. It has served as a place to gather and share ideas while also learning about the history of the ranch and the life of this amazing man.


The center is state of the art in its facilities and the quality of its galleries and exhibits.

Throughout the museum you can enjoy countless items from Ronald Reagan's life, including a saddle, chainsaw, and a large collection of his personal books. Some of the most interesting pieces of the museum include a 5,000-pound section of the Berlin Wall, the president's famous blue Jeep Scrambler, a timeline of his and the ranch's history, and so much more. Given the Center's state of the art nature, you can enjoy countless dynamic, multi-media exhibits offering over six hours of exclusive speeches, radio addresses, interviews, and video presentations. The best thing about the Center is that admission is completely free!

Opportunities at the Reagan Ranch Center

The Center is most predominantly a place to meet and grow as a group. For example, it is currently home to a high school conference. There are so many more events that sweep through the Center throughout the entire year. The Center is home to four floors offering everything a group might need, from classrooms and lecture halls to a movie theatre and library.

There are countless other resources here for people who want to learn about the man, his home at the ranch, and the principles that he stood for. Tours are constantly taking people deeper into the history of the ranch and the man who lived there Monday through Thursday, from 11 am to 4 pm. If you feel strongly about what the Center is doing, there are many opportunities for you to get involved and help further the cause of this amazing place.

This is a crucial place to visit if you are a lover of history, even if you were not a huge Reagan supporter. It not only chronicles the life of Ronald Reagan, but a very pivotal time in our history and the history of the world. Make sure you consider the Reagan Ranch Center as a stop on your next vacation to Santa Barbara. If you are looking for fantastic lodging while here, from cozy small rentals to large villas, make sure to check out our specials!

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