Paseo Nuevo Santa Barbara

Paseo Nuevo Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is predominantly known for its amazing beaches and beautiful weather. But it is also known for its boundless opportunities for leisure. Among these opportunities, you will find shopping in more abundance than just about anywhere. From national chains to charming local spots, Santa Barbara has everything a shopping enthusiast could want. Paseo Nuevo Mall is home to some of the best shopping opportunities throughout all of Santa Barbara. Here is what you need to know about Paseo Nuevo in Santa Barbara</strong > before you pick your shopping spot.

Shopping that Everyone Can Enjoy

It is often tough to make a day spent shopping fun for the whole family. This is no longer a struggle with Paseo Nuevo stores and restaurants. There are plenty of charming boutiques that mom can enjoy, while dad takes a stroll through the tech and outdoor stores, all the while the kids are having a blast looking for toys! You can find plenty more where that came from throughout the many avenues you have at Paseo Nuevo stores and restaurants. You can be sure that everyone will be happy with the assortment. Free Wi-Fi for all shoppers makes this opportunity even more appealing for the whole family.

Make A Day Out of It

Paseo Nuevo Mall is the premiere outdoor shopping mall in all of Santa Barbara. This makes it the perfect place to enjoy the incredible weather of Santa Barbara in between shops. And the countless delicious dining options provide the perfect break from your shopping excursions.

As the case is with shopping, the area's wide assortment of restaurants ensure that everyone can find something that they will like and it is sure to be delicious! Close out the day with a cool drink at one of the many bars and tap rooms that line the shopping district to top off a perfect day exploring one of Santa Barbara's charming areas. When you finish up, you will be right in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara, so you will have plenty of opportunities to do countless other things.

Maybe shopping is not your idea of the perfect day spent in Santa Barbara, but you are sure to have never had a shopping opportunity like this. An experience at the Paseo Nuevo shops and restaurants will surely change your perspective on the whole thing. Make sure you include a visit to Paseo Nuevo shops and restaurants for your next visit to Santa Barbara!

Photo By Caroline Culler (User:Wgreaves) - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,