LotusLand: Santa Barbara’s Best Botanical Garden

LotusLand: Santa Barbara’s Best Botanical Garden

Would you like to find a serene, expansive garden spot to escape to and get away from all the noise? As you travel to Santa Barbara and take in all the adventure and excitement that the city has to offer, you may find that some quiet time to reflect and rest is also in order. A trip to LotusLand may be the perfect solution to a hectic day. This Santa Barbara botanical garden is surely an attraction you wouldn't want to miss.

The Best Botanical Gardens in Santa Barbara

LotusLand is a botanical garden in Santa Barbara located within a residential neighborhood and home to over 3,000 plants from all over the world. The garden first came to be thanks to Madame Ganna Walska who had an undying passion for all things horticultural and loved to surround herself with beautiful plants while sharing that joy and beauty with others. She dedicated more than forty years of her life to collecting extensive garden designs and studying how to create a unique and unforgettable garden. The result is countless exotic blossoms and fascinating plants that all come together in lush, colorful splendor.

Make your way through the beautiful bromeliad and fern gardens or around the cactus and succulent gardens. There is also an intricate Japanese garden, an exotic aloe garden and a memorable blue garden where all the plants and blossoms are blue in hue.

One of the most present blooms you'll find at LotusLand in Santa Barbara is none other than the lotus itself. There are many beautiful lotus blossoms that bloom in the summer in a swimming pool that has been transformed into a stunning showpiece of pink and green.

Other areas to enjoy include the whimsical statuary that used to reside inside of Madame's French chateau, a theatre garden, a 25-foot round horticultural clock that has all the zodiac signs and is surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of succulents and well-manicured topiary animals.

Visiting LotusLand

This Santa Barbara botanical garden attracts regular visitors and there is also an onsite shop where guests of the garden can find their own garden treasures, jewelry, horticultural books, garden statues, and plants. Since the gardens are located in a residential area, reservations are required to tour the gardens, so if you're planning a trip, make sure to plan ahead.

This is just one of many beautiful botanical gardens Santa Barbara offers. Find the perfect place to stay that is conveniently located near LotusLand by booking a vacation rental with Paradise Retreats. We have many luxurious vacation rentals to choose from.