Happy Canyon Vineyard

Happy Canyon Vineyard

Santa Barbara is known for many things: amazing views, historical buildings, and the warm and charming people who live here every day and make all visitors feel welcomed and at home, just to name a few. But the one thing that makes our coastal village stand out in a sea of other equally wonderful California towns is the incredible weather that allows for creating the smoothest and silkiest wines in the nation, and Happy Canyon Vineyard is one who takes full advantage of this fact. Tucked away in the shadows of the Santa Ynez mountains, this tranquil vineyard with views that stretch out forever has been a favorite spot for wine connoisseurs for years, and when you take some time out of your exciting journey to Santa Barbara to visit this idyllic place, you'll soon discover why it's so popular!

With a Tasting Room Inside Santa Barbara

Their tasting room, located at 30 El Paseo in Santa Barbara, is the perfect place to sample the best of what they offer. Reservations for tastings are required for large parties (8 or more), but if its just you and the family, none are needed. Featuring a polo-inspired wine lounge, the tasting room offers a comfortable spot to enjoy the flavors of the different grapes; the cabernet, merlot, white Bordeaux, and sauvignon blanc served here will change your life.

And because nothing is worse than falling in love with a special wine, only to never be able to taste it again because its only available in a far, far away place, Happy Canyon Vineyard offers a strong online site, allowing you to replace the bottles you bought as often as you like. Not all states allow wine to be delivered, so check to make sure your state is one of the lucky ones!

But What About the Vineyard?

There is something wonderful about touring a vineyard, being able to walk along the rows of multicolored grapes, feeling that hint of fall in the air, and being able to witness the birth of your favorite wine, so of course Happy Canyon Vineyard, located in Piocho Ranch, offers tours! No one wants to deprive you of that joy; you just need to plan ahead a bit and schedule your tour at least two weeks in advance! Email at [email protected] or give them a call at 805-203-0749 for more information.


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