Coronado Butterfly Preserve

Coronado Butterfly Preserve

There's a unique and fragile charm that's connected with the butterfly, something that causes us to stop in our tracks and watch in awe as the colorful creatures lit from flower to flower. Signifying rebirth, renewal, and beauty in nature, the butterfly is the one insect that most people are thrilled to have land on their shoulders. Little girls especially love the butterfly, and if your daughter or son found out that you had been close to the this butterfly preserve in Santa Barbara and did not stop in, well, we think it's safe to say they may be more than a tad annoyed with you!

What to Expect at the Preserve

The first thing you discover at this wonderful place is there is no admission fee. The Coronado Butterfly Preserve of Santa Barbara survives on donations from its thousands of visitors per week, so leave as much or as little as you like. It's nice to be able to visit a place the entire family can enjoy without having to worry about it taking a bite out of the budget, isn't it?

Open every day of the year from dawn to sunset, this protected open air spot is a favorite of the regal monarch butterfly. The monarch is free to come and go as it needs. Butterflies do not like the cold and the monarch can travel as much as 3000 miles to stay in the warmth. The butterflies, like snowbirds, generally start to arrive in October and are mostly gone by March. Active during the day, don't be surprised if one of these beauties perches on your shoulder while you are strolling the trails built for this purpose at the preserve-and don't forget to look up! The monarch butterfly can often be found hanging in clusters from the eucalyptus trees that are an important part of their environment. Those aren't leaves you're looking at-they are probably butterflies!

The History of this Santa Barbara Butterfly Exhibit

There's a lot of work involved in keeping butterflies safe for generations to come, and the owners of this Santa Barbara butterfly exhibit are doing more than their share of the job! The people behind the preserve, The Land Trust for Santa Barbara County, have planted over 1000 butterfly friendly plants and removed weeds that are detrimental to the survival of the plants. They have cleared off miles of trails and installed log benches for resting along your hikes and they consult with nature experts of all sorts to ensure they are doing everything they can to keep the butterflies coming back year after year after year!

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