Casa Del Herrero in Montecito

Casa Del Herrero in Montecito

Santa Barbara is a place with an incredibly rich history. As such, there are many beautiful buildings that were built nearly a century ago that pay homage to this amazing history, drawing predominantly from Spanish influences. Casa Del Herrero in Montecito near Santa Barbara is one of the finest examples of the multitudes of these amazing structures.

About Casa Del Herrero

Casa Del Herrero is one of the most legendary estates of the Montecito area. It was completed in 1925 by architect George Washington Smith, and the structure has not been changed since its completion. It was designed in the Spanish Colonial Revival style, so it features stucco walls, clay tile roofing, and massive windows. It is a true masterpiece of the style.

The aesthetic and historic value of the estate is not found solely in the architecture of the building, but in its relationship with its amazing surroundings. The builders put as much emphasis on the gardens, fountains, and other features that surround the home in glorious fashion as they did the rest of the property. As such, the home is a resounding example of the amalgamation of culture, natural environment, artistic expression, and architecture into something truly special.

Things to Do at the Casa

The best way to enjoy this one of a kind place is through one of the many tours that are offered at the estate. The tours give you an intimate look into the home, the gardens, the workshops, and so much more. There is such a variety of options, you are able to customize the tour to your interests. You might want to start with one of the public tours, which are docent-led. The tour is only $25 per person, for which you get expert interpretation of the home and the 11-acre property upon which it sits. You can enjoy these tours on Wednesdays and Sundays from 10 am to 2 pm. You can also schedule group tours, where you and your loved ones can enjoy an intimate stroll through this historic estate. While there are no self-guided tour options, you have the ability of customizing a docent-led tour for a flat fee of $250 for groups of up to 12.

There are few historical examples that offer so much beauty and grace to those that are lucky enough to visit them. This is a strong example of a place that carries tremendous power with its presence. Make sure you check out Casa Del Herrero near Santa Barbara for your next trip to beautiful Santa Barbara. Paradise Retreats has the perfect retreats for said trip, both large and small, and all perfect for any vacation! If you fell in love with Montecito, wait till you book a stay at our Montecito vacation rentals!

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