Carr Winery

Carr Winery

In Santa Barbara, there is a little something for everyone. To understand the opportunities for the people who love the outdoors, you simply need to take a look around. In order to experience some of the unique things about the culture here, you need to go a little deeper. Downtown Santa Barbara is a good place to start, particularly with a visit to Carr Winery. A visit here provides the best look into the amazing wine scene that is woven into the fabric of this community.

About Carr Winery

This is a small handcrafted winery in the heart of Santa Barbara. The setting is beautiful and relaxing. It is a dimly lit area with the incredible design of an aged wooden interior. There are only four full production wineries in the downtown area and this is one of them. Visitors get to see the functional areas of the winery where wine is made, stored, and aged, and they also get to enjoy the cozy tasting room. It is like heaven on earth for those that love wine. They have a second location in downtown Santa Ynez in the form of 3,800 square foot warehouse where all the wine is waxed and bottled. This is an amazing place to visit and you can still enjoy the same delicious wines that you will find at the tasting room.

The most important aspect of Carr Winery in Santa Barbara is of course the delicious wines. It all starts with the grapes, which are meticulously farmed in Santa Barbara County by

professional wine maker Ryan Carr using precision farming. Since Santa Barbara is home to such a diverse climate, they are able to grow grapes for all types of wine, like Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Syrah, and many more. You will find some of the best examples of these Santa Barbara classics at the Carr Winery tasting room.


Ways to Take Advantage

The best way to find a unique opportunity here is to come to the winery downtown or the warehouse in Old Town Santa Ynez for some wine tasting and exploring. But there are also many special events happening throughout the year that will provide a very unique experience. Events come in the form of the arts from live musical performances to art shows. Nothing complements these delicious wines like some incredible art and music. You can enjoy these performances on weekend evenings in the tasting rooms.

For those that love unique culture, and most importantly, delicious wines, the Carr Winery is a must-visit. Check out their full list of events at or call them at (805) 965-7985. You can find the Santa Barbara location at 414 N Salsipuedes St or the Santa Ynez location at 3563 Numancia St #101. And make sure to bring your friends! Paradise Retreats has the perfect rentals for groups large and small!

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