Butterfly Beach Montecito, California

Butterfly Beach Montecito, California

Montecito, California is a quiet coastal town tucked away in Santa Barbara County. The town is both intimate and glamorous, which is why many celebrities flock to live here in luxury, away from the hordes of fans that might surround them in Los Angeles. This mix of Southern California relaxation with a dash of Hollywood glam is what makes Montecito such a great vacation destination, and nowhere else is that combination better exemplified than at beautiful Butterfly Beach, California.

Directions and Location

The best way to get to Butterfly Beach in Montecito is to take the 101 to Olive Mill Road. From there, turn towards the ocean and follow the road another quarter mile until you reach the beach, which will be on your left. There is a small parking lot, but it is usually full on weekends, in which case parking can be found on the street or in one of the nearby residential neighborhoods.

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Activities and Amenities

Santa Barbara's Butterfly Beach is a sandy oasis that should not be missed! Take a walk along the sandy shore, which in low tide can stretch from Hammond Beach all the way to East Beach in the neighboring town of Santa Barbara. You can also rent a bicycle and ride along the bike path as far as the Santa Barbara Pier and enjoy stunning ocean views and refreshing breezes along the way. If you are feeling brave, you may even want to take a dip into the famously cold ocean water! The waves are inviting, and it certainly wouldn't be a trip to Southern California without enjoying the waters.

Dogs are allowed on the beach-as long as they are leashed-so this is a popular place for locals to take their dogs on a walk. Considering the local residents, you may even find that a celebrity is enjoying the stretch of beach with you! The only downside to Butterfly Beach is that there are not any amenities available on site, so be sure to bring everything you need with you, and make arrangements elsewhere for using bathroom facilities. However, the lack of amenities will be the furthest thing from your mind as you watch the sun set over the ocean horizon from the shore. For a relaxing stay nearby, take a look at our luxury vacation rentals in Santa Barbara, CA, that come equipped with your own spa!

Beautiful Butterfly Beach Santa Barbara

Whether your ideal trip to the beach involves a fun bike ride along the coast, sunbathing on the sandy shore, enjoying luxurious vacation villas and private pools, or wading in the water, Butterfly Beach near Santa Barbara is the place to go in Montecito, California!

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