Andree Clark the Santa Barbara Bird Refuge

Andree Clark the Santa Barbara Bird Refuge

The Andree Clark Bird Refuge was named after a young woman who passed away and is a sanctuary and park which welcomes visitors to come and relax and enjoy the beautiful natural atmosphere. Located between East Beach, the cemetery, the zoo, and the railroad tracks, this Santa Barbara bird refuge makes up 42 acres of wide open space and includes its own 29-acre lake.


Though the park is a natural refuge for plenty of waterfowl, it's also a quiet, contemplative area for people as well with lots of scenic vistas, calm waters and lots of greenery. There are three islands located in the lake, and the park itself provides lots of recreational activates including biking, hiking, jogging, bird-watching and picnicking. The southern and eastern perimeter of the park includes a Class I bike path that travels around the lake from the bird refuge and along the ocean and harbor toward Shoreline Park, one of the most popular of Santa Barbara's parks. Beginner cyclists enjoy the refuge because of the easy trails and pretty views that circle the area. Others enjoy rollerblading along the peaceful waters.

Santa Barbara Birds & Wildlife

The Bird Refuge also includes picturesque walking paths that line the northern shore and there are three viewing platforms where guests can enjoy gorgeous views of Santa Barbara's wildlife. There are over 200 different species of birds that have been observed at the Bird Refuge by birdwatchers, park attendants, and visitors in general. There are also lots of native and non-native turtles that can be observed as they bask in the sun and float among the natural vegetation and all along the islands.

Some of the sensitive wildlife species that can be found at the Santa Barbara bird refuge include the Tidewater goby and the Western pond turtle. Other species include ruddy ducks, American coots, mallards, red-winged blackbirds, black-crowned night herons, California gulls, and western gulls. Birdwatchers have also seen wrens, chickadees, egrets, hummingbirds, wood peckers, grebes, coots, and lots of water birds.

Visit the Santa Barbara Bird Refuge

One of the many positive reviews left regarding this historic Santa Barbara bird refuge states, "Andree Clark Bird Refuge has everything you want to experience on a day's outing. There are walking paths, bikeways, and self-guided tours available through this wetland which is home to a diverse bird population. The Clark Bird Refuge is truly a wonderful place to experience Santa Barbara's birds and wildlife trying to make their way in this world among humans." So if you're looking for a peaceful place to visit with your family where you can immerse yourself in nature, come visit the Refuge!

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