Tyger Tyger

Tyger Tyger

As we grow older and wiser, we begin to find ourselves questioning our dining choices. Sure, that burger from the fast food restaurant is fast, delicious, and inexpensive, but how much damage is the overprocessed and fatty foods doing to our bodies? We watch the numbers on the scale rise, we convince ourselves that the tightness of our pants is due to shrinkage in the wash, and yes, we start seeing our cholesterol numbers rise as well! Tyger Tyger wants to change all of that, offering an Asian flair to healthy and fresh foods that taste so good, you can't even tell they are good for you! Even your notoriously picky kiddos (who are definitely not considering anything but the taste of the food they are eating) will enjoy a meal from Tyger Tyger, which is open for breakfast and lunch daily and dinner Thursday through Saturday.

Located at 121 E Yanonali Street in the Funk Zone of Santa Barbara

The Funk Zone is a section in Santa Barbara that was once an industrial area but has evolved into a colorful neighborhood of restaurants, wine tasting rooms, and quirky boutiques that you MUST visit while here. The Tyger Tyger restaurant, located in the heart of the Funk Zone, stands out while fitting in, offering a bright light filled space decorated with pink balloon lanterns while featuring a casual vibe that exemplifies the California lifestyle. Designed to resemble an upscale food court, your kids will feel at home here as well!

The Menu at Tyger Tyger

Picky eaters can make travel exhausting as you work hard to find restaurants that offer choices everyone will love in Santa Barbara, and we are happy to assure you that the Tyger Tyger restaurant is about to make your life easier. Offering vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free items on their menu as well as omnivore items, no one will go home hungry. Their breakfast menu includes overnight oats, banana loaf, and a breakfast sando filled with egg, pickled fresno, herbs, spicy cilantro aioli, and house made hot sauce, and tofu scramble or tempeh bacon can be substituted at no cost. Their lunch menu delves deeper into the Asian side, offering a large selection of vegetarian dishes that can all have chicken or fish added to them for the omnivores in your family. The dinner menu is only offered on Thursday through Saturday evenings starting at 4 PM; it's a smaller menu but is large with flavor and excitement!