The Black Sheep SB Brasserie

The Black Sheep SB Brasserie

Today, we are going to venture into the Old Town area of Santa Barbara, where historic buildings, classic boutiques, and restaurants like The Black Sheep SB Brasserie bring joy to all who explore. A favorite of many of our Paradise Retreats staff, the Californian French cuisine will make your stomach happy and your soul sing when you choose to add this special establishment to your restaurant itinerary. The food is locally sourced, the wines are silky and pair perfectly with each dish, and craft beers add a delicious surprise to a menu that doesn't normally pair with America's favorite hoppy beverage. For those who love something extraordinary when it comes to dining experiences, their Chef's Table is an interactive culinary wonder that needs to be booked far in advance and should not be missed on your next vacation!

Located at 18 E Cota Street

Open Wednesdays through Sundays from 5 to 9, Black Sheep SB Brasserie is known for its elegant casual decor that makes everyone feel welcome. Located inside a historic building that has housed bars, restaurants, and so much more for over a century, it exemplifies the historic ambiance of old-town Santa Barbara, making dinner an experience you will never forget. Brightly colored walls, chalkboards bearing the name of the restaurant hang over the bar, and large windows let in the light and the views of the tree-lined street.

The Menu at The Black Sheep

This is not the first time that modern California dishes have fused with classic French meals, but we don't think it has ever been done so right. You'll find a raw bar and a small plate menu that features a Winter Beet Salad and SB Stone Crab Beignets, two items you may not imagine could be on the same page, and a selection of Ceramic Pots, entire meals created and baked-in ceramic pots. Their dessert menu will make you happy, especially if you accompany the sweet stuff with their Graham's Tawny Port. The ultimate experience is the Chef's Table we mentioned earlier, an epicurean adventure of many courses, each one presented to up to four guests by the chef himself. Each course will be paired with some of the best local wines and the meals offered will be custom prepared for your party with a pre-meal interview regarding likes, dislike, and possible food allergies. We can't discuss the food that will be offered, as every Chef's Table is different, but we can tell you that no one has ever left disappointed!