Taza Mediterranean Street Kitchen

Taza Mediterranean Street Kitchen

Our tour of international delights continues with a visit to Taza Mediterranean Street Kitchen. We at Paradise Retreats understand that quite often one of the best parts of any vacation is the delicious food you can consume with practically no guilt, and because Mediterranean diets are known to be healthy, even if there was vestigial remnant of inborn guilt, you can brush it all away! Open since the summer of 2022, this establishment has become a treasured part of the Santa Barbara landscape, serving an authentic taste of the Mediterranean while keeping prices reasonable enough to fit into thrifty vacationer's budgets while offering flavors that taste expensive.

Located at 413 State Street, Open Every Day for Lunch, Dinner, and Late Night Hunger Cravings

This isn't a restaurant you go to when you want white tablecloths and quiet ambience. Taza provides the feel of a restaurant in New York City, offering concrete floors, rows of benches, and a counter where regulars like to "belly up to the bar" and enjoy their favorite Mediterranean delights! Brick walls with rough mortar and duct work painted a crisp white give the space an Industrial Chic appeal, and the scents that greet you upon entering will make your mouth immediately begin to water. There are no secrets here, as every dish ordered is created in their open kitchen, located just beyond the row of barstools; watching the talented workers create your meal is just part of the fun of dining at Taza!

The Menu at Tara Mediterranean Street Kitchen

Don't make the mistake we did of perusing this wonderful menu before 11 AM (when they open) or you may find yourself starving when they finally do turn on their OPEN sign! The menu of the Taza restaurant never fails to please, offering appetizers that include the very unique Medi-Nachos, made with lavash chips blanketed in hummus, tomatoes, sumac onions, cucumbers, banana peppers, tzatziki, Taza hot sauce, and feta cheese! In addition to the unusual, this menu is filled with all the traditional and authentic tastes of the Mediterranean that will fill your stomach as they feed your soul. Don't ask us for our favorite dish, because we love EVERYTHING we have tried, but they very kindly provide a list of their top three most popular dishes at the very top of your menu, should you be a little unsure about trying something new.

Take It to Go!

The food at the Taza restaurant tastes even better when enjoyed in your pajamas, while relaxing in any of our Paradise Retreats Santa Barbara sanctuaries. Reserve your favorite today!