Rare Society

Rare Society

There once was a time when steakhouses possessed a certain masculine charm. Low lighting, leather banquettes, and men and women dressed to the nines would feel proud to be a part of "the club" wanting to make dinner more than just a meal. Conversation was muted, tablecloths were white, and if you paid attention, a celebrity from the rat pack days may just be seated at the table next to you, especially if you were in Vegas. Today, casual has replaced dressy, and the mystique of the steakhouse has gone the way of rotary phones, but if you want to enjoy a taste of those bygone days, a visit to Rare Society in Santa Barbara will do the trick! It's time to take a tour through the menu and style that makes Rare Society a must see during your visit to California and your stay in our Paradise Retreats vacation escapes.

Located at 214 State Street

Offering a Mediterranean vibe from the outside and a sophisticated cigar lounge feel on the inside, no expense has been spared making Rare Society Santa Barbara the place where people go to see, be seen, and enjoy an unforgettable meal. Gold panels line the ceilings, leather banquettes, and a black marble bar give this special spot an appeal that draws guests in from all over the country. The only nod to vintage Vegas that Rare Society doesn't offer is that none of the tables will be topped with tablecloths, but the waitstaff will be impeccable, the lights will be low, and every bite you take will be better than the last.

The Menu at Rare Society

Chef-driven, much of the popularity of Rare Society Santa Barbara is in the menu that changes on a regular basis. If you want a meal titled "Essence of Seafoam" and think that smaller portion sizes show elegance and style, you may want to try someplace else, but if thick and hearty steaks that are dry-aged for your tasting pleasure, fresh seafood caught from the waters that surround our town, and large meals that are destined to head home with you in a box of leftovers are more your style, this is definitely the restaurant for you! A raw bar offers the perfect beginning, and their Bananas Fosters Cheesecake accompanied by an Espresso Martini brings the most beautiful ending to a meal filled with all the flavors that you love!

No Room for Dessert?

Order a Snickers Tart to go and enjoy it at home in your Paradise Retreats vacation escape. Reserve your favorite sanctuary today!