Mony’s Mexican Food

Mony’s Mexican Food

Central California is an oasis of fun, scenic beauty, and options for shopping, exploring and adventuring unlike any other. Of all the delightful locales this region hosts, Santa Barbara has long stood out as one of the top preferred destinations proving to be as fun and exciting as it is versatile. When it comes to food options, Santa Barbara is also a place that can dazzle the palates of visitors from near and far. The multi-cultural population of the city provides options for international flavors that abound while California-focused fare isn't hard to find either. When you're here and in the mood for some south of the border inspiration that comes with spice done to taste, be sure to make time for a stop at Mony's Mexican Food.

Casual and Inspiring

Mony's Mexican Food is located at 217 Anacapa Street and is happy to serve up quick, delicious and authentic Mexican fare in a setting that's warm and inviting. This laid-back establishment is loved by locals and visitors alike and is a great place to be when you're in the mood to indulge in chips and salsa with friends and family. Mony's Mexican Food is open Monday through Saturday from 10:30 am until 4:30 pm and is known for its abundance of friendly service, comfortable seating and generous portions perfect for those with a serious craving to cure. Order up your selection from cashier line before making your way to a dining room table or taking your fare to go.

Mony's Mexican Delicious Menu Selections

Tacos are by far the highlight of the Mony's Mexican Food menu and can quickly and easily be customized to taste. Pick from toppings that include chicken, steak, mole, vegetables and much more upon request. When cheese is the answer to your culinary needs, Mony's Mexican Food is happy to provide a savory quesadilla or two. Burritos and tortas are no more than a quick order away when you re looking to combine dishes and flavors. Enchiladas, nachos, and fajitas can be delivered to the table with a side of rice and beans for a filling and fantastic moment filled with flavor. A side of guacamole is always a good idea when you choose to spend some time at Mony's Mexican Food while you re in Santa Barbara.

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