Our all-American city of Santa Barbara enjoys a diverse blend of cultures, ensuring that whatever your food craving, chances are there is a restaurant serving it within a short distance from your Paradise Retreats home sweet vacation home. And as we continue our tour of the varied tastes of the town, it's time to "go" to a country where cherry blossoms bloom beautifully and farm fresh delights are always on the table with a visit to Mokutan. Whether you have visited the peaceful country or have only enjoyed the food from your favorite Japanese restaurant, we can tell you that Mokutan's Japanese Izakaya-inspired meals are so authentic, you may decide to add the country to your vacation bucket list!

Located at 716 State Street

Shaded by a mature tree that actually turns color in the fall, the exterior of Mokutan does not hint at the delights found within! Casually elegant and closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, Mokutan also sets specific hours for lunch and dinner, opening at 12 and closing at 3:30 to prepare for the dinner hours, then opening again at 5:00 PM until 8:30, 9, or 9:30 depending on the day you visit. Also found on Grub Hub, our Paradise Retreat guests won't even need to go out and pick up their favorite sushi dishes; just download the app and let all its goodness be delivered to you! But if you do decide to eat from home, just be prepared to feel a touch of sadness at missing out on the atmosphere of Mokutan and friendly wait staff that just adds something extra to your meal.

The Menu at Mokutan

Although primarily a sushi restaurant featuring the freshest seafood in town, Mokutan also offers bento box lunches, noodle dishes, soups, salads, and hot appetizers, so if sushi is still not your friend but your family can't get enough of it, you will still be able to find something that suits your food palate nicely. At dinner, the menu expands to kushi, (each dish comes with two skewers) grilled fish, and a variety of appetizers destined to be your next authentic Japanese obsession. And because every traveler knows that the meal isn't over until dessert is finished, Mokutan restaurant also offers mochi ice cream, mousse, and a delicious twist on the classic tiramisu. A sake menu gives diners the opportunity to enjoy a Japanese favorite, perhaps with a Japanese beer as an accompaniment!

Also Offering Takeout

There are multiple ways to enjoy the fresh taste of Mokutan restaurant, but all meals lead to home when you choose Paradise Retreats. Reserve your favorite escape today!