Lucky’s Steakhouse

Lucky’s Steakhouse

Food is a crucial component of adventure. Lucky's Steakhouse is one of those American food outlets you cannot take your eyes away from. It is an embodiment of tradition and class. From the meals served to the drinks available, you are in for a worthy treat. Here are some of Lucky's Steakhouse's best-kept secrets.

All-Inclusive Menus

Going by its name, you would expect this restaurant to specialize in steak dishes. However, it is a one-stop shop for all kinds of meals. Their menu is divided into various subsections for you to pick what you need easily. From starters to flatbreads and sandwiches, everything is clear to the open eye. Within the same menu are vegan-friendly options. Seafood dishes are also offered here. The highlight of the party is the restaurant's signature steak and chops. All these combined with the outlet's jovial staff culminate in a satisfying dining experience.

Perfect for Family Outings

Lucky's Steakhouse Santa Barbara is not a preserve for adults only. It is a family-friendly setting with a lot for kids to explore. Within the hotel's menu is a separate section for kids. Anyone aged 10 and below enjoys the rates stipulated in the kids' section. Notable items in this section include grilled cheese, BBQ ribs, crispy shrimp, and cheeseburgers. Others include pasta alfredo, thin-crust pizza, and grilled chicken. All these food options are accompanied by a soft drink. The family game is taken a notch higher by the presence of gift cards. It is the perfect place to hold a family-themed celebration complete with food, drinks, and gift cards.

Sum It Up with a Glass of Wine

The feasting experience at Lucky's Steakhouse is not limited to the usual foods and drinks. There is also room for you to sum up the whole dining experience with a glass of wine. Within this restaurant is a separate old-school bar where you check in for your drinks. Whether you want something more sparkling, slightly sweet, or a full-bodied white/red, you can count on this joint to deliver. Apart from wine, you also have beer on tap, which offers a better platform for you to socialize with locals and make new friends.

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