Lucky Penny

Lucky Penny

Pizza is a language spoken by everyone, and there is no time that a good slice of pie won't add a little luster to your day-and that includes during your vacation escape to Santa Barbara and your stay in our Paradise Retreats California sanctuaries! Whether you choose to eat at the pizzeria or want to enjoy a giant pizza at home, life is just better when you make it your meal choice, and Lucky Penny is one of our favorite places to go when the mood strikes. Also located in the Funk Zone of downtown Santa Barbara, it will be impossible to be unhappy, even before you taste your first slice!

Located at 127 Anacapa Street

Open every day from 11 AM until 9 PM, the exterior may look like brick, but under the light of the sun, you will see that is actually a mosaic of copper pennies, (hence the name) while an Industrial chic interior serves as a reminder that all the buildings in this section of town were once factories. Offering a large outside patio, oversized photos of its earlier incarnations are a fascinating addition to the decor, and as you sit out in the sun, enjoying a perfect slice and another beautiful day in Santa Barbara, you may wonder why anyone would choose to order takeaway and miss out on an experience like this! But their takeaway is popular as well, being the meal that has saved tired soccer moms and exhausted baseball coach dads for nearly a decade. But perhaps the best part of the Lucky Penny restaurant is the sense of community everyone feels when they step through their doors and the cheerful and happy nature of the staff that works there!

The Menu at Lucky Penny

Wood-fired pizza is the reason you are probably visiting, but the farm-to-table fresh salad bar, wood-fire smoked fingerling potatoes, and Oak Smoked Pork Meatballs should not be overlooked! Add some healthy deliciousness to your diet with their Roasted Winter Beet Salad and then you won't feel so bad about ordering their Spider Float at the end of the meal. (It's all about balance, people!) Also featuring a wine list with some of your favorite reds and whites, we have to say that their frozen adult beverage menu may offer the best drinks to go with their OG Pizza that is made with San Marzano marinara, fennel sausage, Calabrian chili, smoked mozzarella, and arugula!

Order Takeaway

Ordering takeaway will enable you to savor the Santa Barbara sunset and savory wood-fired pizza while staying off your feet and in your comfy clothes at home with Paradise Retreats. Reserve your favorite property with us in Santa Barbara today!