Los Agaves

Los Agaves

If you're looking for some authentic Mexican food from one of the best Santa Barbara, CA restaurants, then you're looking for Los Agaves. Here, you can get your fill of first class tacos, enchiladas, and more at this amazing restaurant that is revered by fans as the best in Santa Barbara. Whether you are looking for a quick lunch, a relaxing dinner, or even a new take on breakfast, Los Agaves is the place for you. When you are on vacation to Santa Barbara, Mexican food needs to be on the menu, and there is no place that does it better than Los Agaves.


Before we describe the deliciousness that Los Agaves will provide to you, we want to make sure that you are in the right mindset for this information. Los Agaves is not your traditional Mexican American restaurant from down the street back home; Los Agaves is a traditional and authentic style Mexican restaurant that may ruin your local favorite place forever. That being said, it's well worth the risk!

Los Agaves first takes you through their appetizers that include delicious choices like ceviche, quesadillas with fried Oaxaca cheese, and freshly prepared guacamole. Next, we see their Especialidades de los Agaves (Los Agaves specials) that include Mexican favorites like mole tacos, carne asada New York strips, and fajitas del mar made with fresh seasonal seafood.

Along with their traditional Mexican entrees, Los Agaves also offers breakfast options on the weekends. If you like your eggs a little on the spicy side, breakfast at Los Agaves is perfect for you. They only serve it at their Milpas St. location, so make sure you do your research ahead of time.

Service and Environment

The service at Los Agaves is top notch and all of their staff is knowledgeable about the menu. If you are overwhelmed by the amount of choices available to you on the menu, trust in the staff on choosing something for you, because this menu can't go wrong!

Along with the great food comes a wonderful display of Mexican art. The restaurant is decorated with great pieces of Mexican culture and it gives the restaurant a distinct feel. Most of the art is also available for purchase.

If you are in the area and in the mood for Mexican food, do yourself a favor and visit one of the best Santa Barbara, CA restaurants, Los Agaves. You will most definitely not regret your decision and leave with a full and happy stomach!

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About Los Agaves

Phone: (805) 682-2600 Hours: Mon-Sun: 11AM-9PM