Chad’s Cafe

Chad’s Cafe

In real life, we don't eat out for breakfast every day. We rarely have the time and often just content ourselves with a hot coffee and a muffin which we scarf down as we fight the morning traffic on our way to work. On vacation, however, even as your California sanctuary from Paradise Retreats offers a fully equipped kitchen, breakfast every morning at Chad's Cafe is more than likely going to be a daily tradition! Open every day of the week for breakfast and lunch, Chad's breakfast is "damn good," (ask them, they will tell you themselves) and the casual atmosphere offers a great way to start out your day.

Located at 216 W Cabrillo Boulevard

Reservations are not accepted at Chad's, but fur babies are allowed, so even if you left your own precious pooch behind, you can still ooh and ahh over all the puppy guests on the patio of this new yet historic restaurant. How can it be new and historic, you ask? Well, prior to 2020, for over 60 years Chad's Santa Barbara was known as Sambos, and even though there are some changes, the family still owns the business, and the food is as delicious as ever! Still utilizing the iconic bubble sign that once read Sambos, the feeling of home remains the same and the menu will never fail to impress!

The Menu at Chad's Cafe

No matter how many restaurants we review for our Paradise Retreats guests, the menu portion is always our favorite, and today is no exception! The menu at Chad's Santa Barbara is nearly as long as its life story-and that is including the Sambos years-and honestly, we are still trying to make our way through it! Omelets that are light and fluffy, breakfast burritos that represent the culture of our Southwestern home, and breakfast classics that could have come straight from a diner in Alabama are just the start. Enjoy a Pop's Combo with pancakes, French toast, or waffles and eggs and the meat of your choice, or feel your taste buds dancing in your mouth with the first bite of their Dancing Chicken Breakfast Sandwich! Lunches include burgers, and sandwiches, and salads, and because enough is NEVER enough, their 21 & Fun menu offers mimosa flights, Bloody Marys, and even tequila for your drinking pleasure.

Ride Share Home to Paradise Retreats

Have an extra Irish coffee at breakfast and ride share home to the comforts of your Paradise Retreats vacation abode for a little midmorning nap!