Enjoying all the amazing features, views, entertainment and options for fun that California provides starts with a trip to Santa Barbara. This central California city is known for its incredible architecture, shorelines, arts, culture, and entertainment. While a trip this direction guarantees you'll spend ample time exploring and adventuring, it's also an opportunity to experience the best flavors the area has to offer! When you're a traveler with a passion for making the most of new cities through savory stops, be sure to add a reservation at Barbareno to the top of the must-try itinerary during your stay.

Captivating California Fare

Located at 2050 W. Canon Perdido Street, Barbareno Santa Barbara is a popular and well-loved culinary establishment that sits in the heart of vibrant downtown. Barbareno has a reputation for serving up contemporary California-based dishes with a focus on central state ingredients that make this stop truly one of a kind. California history and tradition come to life on the plate at the hands of Chef Julian Martinez and Chef Preston Knox. Together, these culinary experts work hard to combine local ingredients in a way that speaks to innovative design.

The ambiance at Barbareno is understated elegance that remains warm and welcoming from the moment you step through the front door. While dining room service is readily available, a meal at Barbareno is best enjoyed in the open-air making the most of the gorgeous patio space. The menu at this delightful establishment changes seasonally but no matter when you dine, the impressive wine and beer menu at Barbareno Santa Barbara is a constant that can be counted on.

Barbareno Menu Must Try Selections

Variety is king at Barbareno and the menu makes the most of wide selection of flavors. Guests can choose from options that range from grilled avocado and cured sea bass to market fish and pork plates. Santa Maria BBQ and cheeseburgers bring the home-style comfort while a selection of Panzanella elevates the dining experience to a new sophisticated level. Crispy Brussel sprouts make the perfect pairing as a side to any selection but no matter what you order, you'll want to save room for dessert. Pralines and Cream as well as Date Cake top off your evening on a sweet note you won't soon forget.

Plan a Santa Barbara Getaway for the Books

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