Augie’s of Santa Barbara

Augie’s of Santa Barbara

Today's stop on the tour of taste brings us to perhaps the one restaurant that serves as the most authentic example of California cuisine, Augie's of Santa Barbara! (New) Mexican food is on the table at Augie's, accompanied by some of the finest tequilas you will ever taste in this lifetime. The bar is the center of this tasteful establishment, but as always in the restaurants we at Paradise Retreats recommend, it's the flavors that will keep you coming back as many times as your vacation experience allows. This guide to Augie's of Santa Barbara and all the beauty of its menu will make it your new obsession, and we must apologize in advance; this is one place you will desperately miss when you return home to your real life!

Located at 700 State Street, Closed Wednesdays

Many Mexican restaurants fill their space with vibrant colors and tacky decor, hoping to lead guests into ignoring the fact that the food they serve is an imposter of taste, but at Augie's, the star of the show is always going to be the food, as well as the impressive granite bar that anchors the space. Chunky wood and leather barstools line the front of the bar, bellied up to a thick granite that undulates across the space and serves as a natural barrier to the floor to ceiling shelves just beyond. Obviously, it's the tequila that takes center stage, but there is also beer, wine, and other assorted alcohols to bring cheer to your Augie's restaurant culinary adventures. An outdoor patio with blue and white tiled arches is popular during good weather, which means because you are in Santa Barbara, it is popular year round!

The Menu at Augie's of Santa Barbara

Yes, there will be cheese, but no, you won't see a dish drowning in the gooey stuff as the chefs at Augie's restaurant know to let the natural flavors of New Mexico to shine through. The one thing you may not expect from a restaurant serving New Mexican style cuisine, however, is the seafood-centric menu that is all Santa Barbara! Serving tacos that will make you wish every day was Tuesday, (you MUST try the duck carnitas tacos) vegetarian dishes that express their diversity, and ceviche that must be tasted to be believed, every bite at Augie's will be your favorite, especially when washed down with their premium tequilas.

Take It "Home"

After the last sip of tequila has been savored and your leftovers are packed away in a box, ordering up a ride share to head home to Paradise Retreats will be the perfect way to end another perfect day in paradise. Reserve your favorite property with us today!