Anchor Rose

Anchor Rose

There are some things you can get in Santa Barbara that, even if you can get them elsewhere, won't be as wonderful as they are here. Anchor Rose, the only rooftop restaurant and lounge in town, is the perfect example. The views of the harbor filed with sailboats, the views of downtown Santa Barbara, and the tastes of tapas and house made cocktails will give guests an evening to remember, especially if they time their visit with the sunset! We at Paradise Retreats like to give our treasured guests a well-rounded vacation adventure, and all vacations with us should include at least one visit to Anchor Rose.

Located at 113 Harbor Way Suite 180, Open 11:30 AM through 9:30 PM Every Day

There's so much beauty contained in this charming restaurant, and although you may expect an establishment this special to be a little snooty and highbrow, the Anchor Rose restaurant is as laidback as a California surfer when he is not on the waves! Located inside a former Naval Reserve Armory building that originally opened during war time, the history is almost as impressive as the food they serve. Wear your favorite t-shirt and your comfiest flip flops and discover a Nirvana where the food is amazing, the drinks are refreshing, and happiness can be found in the 360 views of the ocean and town that surrounds you! Walls of windows that open to let in the fresh air will ensure that you enjoy the same views as those on the rooftop, and attentive staff will make every guest feel right at home.

The Menu at Anchor Rose Restaurant

The menu shines bright at the Anchor Rose restaurant, featuring a blend of fresh and local seafood dishes with the land lubber meals that will make you happy! Even vegetarians will appreciate the food served here, perhaps falling in love with their Portobello Mushroom Tacos that will make even diehard carnivores believe in magic. Lamb, lobster, and burgers can be found on the extensive menu, and if you don't at least try to share a dessert of Kahlua cheesecake or Key Lime Pie, you will be very disappointed in yourself. Kids also have their own menu filled with their favorites, but don't be surprised if they try to steal a bite of everything on the table-it's that good!

Bring Home the Leftovers

There are always leftovers at Anchor Rose, and they can be best enjoyed in the comfortable surroundings of our Paradise Retreats scrumptious sanctuaries. Reserve your favorite property today!