Yoga in Santa Barbara

Yoga in Santa Barbara

We all need a break from the hectic nature of our lives from time to time. Taking that break frequently can make all the difference in calming your mind and making life feel just a bit less hectic. Yoga has been one of the most loved and successful ways in doing just that for centuries. Today, there are so many forms of yoga that serve to exercise your body and calm your mind, and many of those forms are represented in countless venues for yoga in Santa Barbara. While there are seemingly endless places to do some great yoga, these are some of the most popular Santa Barbara yoga places you will find in this amazing area. Trust us; when it comes to planning a Yoga Retreat, Santa Barbara style, we have you covered!

Yasa Yoga

In Sanskrit, Yasa means, "good-hearted." This is the philosophy that Yasa Yoga carries with it for every single class that they conduct. There is a certain lovingness that goes with each of these classes that cannot be quantified. Here, you will find experienced and friendly teachers teaching classes in a beautiful space with vaulted ceilings and plenty of natural light. Work with one of the advisors to ensure that you find the class that is perfect for you. Being a part of the Yasa Yoga Santa Barbara community has given a lift to so many people in the area. Classes start at $18 each and decrease in price with multiple-class packages. Contact them for more information about their yoga practice in Santa Barbara!

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Divinitree Yoga and Art Studio

Enter the loving space of the Divinitree Yoga and Art Studio, and you will experience yoga as it should be. It is a favorite of locals because it truly is a place of not only exercise, but healing and presence. They offer classes in every discipline of yoga, and all classes can be catered to yogis of all skill levels. Divinitree also sets itself apart by offering spiritual retreats to patrons. These retreats include trips to Maui, Zen retreats in the Tassajara Mountains, immersions in India, and so much more. You can enjoy these amazing classes for $18 dollars for a single class and decreasing prices per class for packages of 10, 20, or unlimited classes in a month. Without a doubt, no yoga retreat in Santa Barbara is complete without Divinitree Yoga and Art Studio!

State Street Yoga Studio

With this studio's core power yoga, they combine many types of yoga to create a fun and challenging workout. At the State Street Studio, you will find a loving community that thrives on high-intensity workouts every day, encouraging open mindedness and growth. Classes start at $23 each and decrease in price as you sign up for more.

Begin Your Yoga Practice in Santa Barbara

The community of Santa Barbara has discovered the wonderful exercise and healing power that comes with Yoga. While staying in one of our vacation rental homes, experience some of the best yoga practices that you will ever come across by attending a class in any one of Santa Barbara's diverse yoga studios.