The Best Things to Do in Summerland, California

The Best Things to Do in Summerland, California

Small, quaint, and oh so charming, when you spend your experience an unforgettable Summerland vacation, you may find yourself starting to consider what it would be like to live here full time. The magnetism of the people, the breathtaking beauty of the landscape that surrounds you, the unending lists of activities and adventures that helps rebuild the bonds of a family that has forgotten that its members are actually cool people-how can you not? We get it, and whether you are contemplating the big move or are content to keep Summerland as your once a year vacation destination, you will find plenty to do while you're here!

Outdoor Activities

We spend a lot of time outside here, and you will want to as well. The year-round beautiful weather, the proximity to the ocean, the natural parks and wildlife that make their homes in them, there is so much to see and do, staying inside could be considered a crime! Sunset horseback rides along the beach can be both romantic and fun. Choose between the Santa Barbara Beach Rides bluff trails or beach trails, climb on a trusty steed and enjoy the show!

Indoor Fun

The best vacations are often the ones where you come back loaded with gifts and souvenirs that help remind you of the fantastic time you had while away from home. Summerland's downtown area features a wonderful mix of charming boutiques, quiet antique stores, and lively souvenir shops filled with inexpensive baubles that you just can't live without!

Family Friendly

Vacations are meant to help bring families closer together, but it can be difficult if you can't find activities that everyone from the youngest to the oldest can enjoy. However, with all of the things to do in Summerland, CA, that's certainly not going to be a problem! The McLeod Parrot Menagerie on Lilly Street is an adventure you won't soon forget. The noise might be a bit overwhelming at first, but the sight of colorful parrots perched in tropical fauna will soon have you forgetting all about the noise. This unreal experience offers an opportunity to get up close and personal with these beautiful birds; feeding the parrots by hand is not only allowed, it is encouraged!

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