Some of Our Favorite Things to Do in Los Olivos, California

Some of Our Favorite Things to Do in Los Olivos, California

Some towns along the California coast just have that extra something that attracts people of all statures, including mega celebrities that have the opportunity and the means to live anywhere in the world. Los Olivos is one such town! The quaint downtown area is decorated with historic buildings that are charming, beautiful and have been repurposed to serve today's needs. Acres of rolling hills surround the city, topped with neat rows of colorful grapes and backed by the majestic beauty of the Santa Ynez mountains. Even the suburban neighborhoods with middle class homes help to create a town so wonderful, even Michael Jackson couldn't pass it by. Los Olivos is the former home of Neverland, the estate once loved by the king of pop himself.

Wine, Art, & More

Although we wish we could tell you that tours of Neverland were available, this has not happened yet; the fate of the fascinating estate has not yet been determined. In the meantime, however, there are plenty of things to do in Los Olivos, CA to keep you busy during your stay.

Wine is the thing in this quaint country town and vineyards abound. In fact, the Bien Nacido Vineyards should not be missed! For over 40 years, the Miller family has treated the world to their award-winning wines. Their chardonnay is light, fruity, and has no tart aftertaste; we drink a lot of chardonnay, so we kind of have an idea of what's good and what isn't!

This region of the state also attracts a lot of artists, and the Gallery Los Olivos is famed for the quality of works our local artisans offer. More than 40 artists show their wares in this gallery which includes art work of all genres.

Foodies will be awed by the artistry of the local chefs. Mattei's Tavern has been serving hospitality and comfort food since the late 1800's. When something stays in business that long, you know they have to be good! Their weekend brunch is the talk of the town and will be the highlight of your vacation. If you're looking for a vacation meal along the coast, Mattei's is definitely worth considering!

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