Santa Barbara Tours

Santa Barbara Tours

Santa Barbara is a unique location, nestled between the sea to the south and westward-running mountains in the north. This combination of diverse geography and a fantastic climate make Santa Barbara a host to many kinds of activities. With so much to offer, visitors and locals are never at a loss for something to do! You're sure to spend the day smiling and head home with great stories and memories. All you need to do is find the Santa Barbara tour that suits you!

A Taste of California

Located right next to the sea and in the heart of wine country, there are all kinds of ways to treat yourself to the products of California. Food tours through downtown or along the coast will give you an insider's look at where to get the best cuisine. There are many established wineries around the area, and the Santa Barbara wine tours will offer insight into one of California's most iconic industries - as well as tastings of their sumptuous products, of course!

Land, Air, and Sea

Santa Barbara's special geography means that there are plenty of ways to get around and see the area. Do you enjoy the salty spray and glittering water of the California surf? Then check out one of the Santa Barbara boat tours - you can enjoy California's beautiful weather and the maritime scenery from a leisurely sailboat or man-powered canoe.

If you're more of a landlubber, Santa Barbara's got you covered. Trolley tours combine the quaintness of the early 20th century with an energetic, downtown vibe. If you prefer the wilderness, try taking an ATV tour and head off-road in the nearby mountains. Alternatively, there are many Santa Barbara walking tours to take advantage of as well.

If land and sea don't appeal to you, head up in a plane and see all of Santa Barbara at once! Companies in Santa Barbara offer skydiving and paragliding experiences for those who dream of feeling the wind beneath their feet. The city is specially adapted to these activities, as its climate guarantees sunny conditions almost year-round - inclement weather won't rain on your parade here!

Something for Everyone

With so much to offer, Santa Barbara is certain to offer the experience you're looking for during your next vacation. The tours here are ideal for visitors and locals alike. If you're looking for something the whole family can enjoy, then Santa Barbara walking tours, bus tours, museums, the zoo, and so much more offer excitement for all age groups. If you're off on a romantic getaway, relax with Santa Barbara wine tours and make that trip more wonderful, staying in a beautiful vacation home like our Seaside Cottage. And if you're looking to meet new people or pick up a new hobby, then the surfing and skydiving tours may be just what you need. It doesn't matter who you are: Santa Barbara's got it all!